Oops. I pressed the Enter key in the summary box, resulting in a blank post.

Anyways, the adoption request was a success, so I'm slowly starting to roll out further changes that will hopefully help the wiki along. Right now I'll be creating stubs for most of the locations, bosses and other components, along with a couple screenshots here and there. In the future I'll start making infoboxes for the different components, unless of course, someone beats me to them.

I have enabled the maps feature, allowing us to create maps on each of the locations so that readers can have a complete visual view of each location. They do differ slightly in difficulty, so I'm not sure how to standardise and work those out yet.

Speaking of which, I have no idea how to title the articles for the different types of ghosts in the game. I would do them by specific location, but some appear in more than one area. Any ideas?

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