Undertomb right screen 1 regular
Undertomb, with ghosts travelling in the opposite direction the bird is trying to go.

Size (screens)

Hearts 3
Heart doors 2
Blue Orbs N/A
Gold Orbs N/A
Boss(es) N/A

UnderTomb is a hidden area in An Untitled Story. It contains two heart doors, each with a heart upgrade. To reach them, the player must evade a series of travelling ghosts among other obstacles.


UnderTomb is found directly below LongBeach. At the third screen from the save point, the protagonist can divebomb a portion of sand found to the right. If the correct area is hit, the sand breaks, revealing a hidden entrance. The bird can fall through this entrance to reach UnderTomb, found at the very bottom.


Undertomb kings corpse

The king's corpse, buried in UnderTomb.

UnderTomb's platforms are mostly bright yellow. Other solid parts of the area are a darker shade of yellow and usually make up the ceiling portion of the area. Some banners can be seen hanging in the background. Multiple ghosts travel in the opposite direction the player is trying to move the bird towards. The destination of each path has a warp that leads the bird back to the save point.

At the bottom of the tomb, found by going to the left of the save point, a casket with the king's skeleton can be seen at the end of the challenge near the heart door.


Before birds existed in the world of An Untitled Story, there was a single species that ruled. The greatest king of these people reigned from the top of the mountain, now part of The Curtain. When the king died, he was buried in UnderTomb, with all the riches of the species, below LongBeach. With all the world's goods gone, the species perished from depression in the collapsed economy.[1]


There are three hearts that can obtained in UnderTomb, labelled as hearts 93-95. Two of these hearts are found behind heart doors. An additional heart is found where the king's skeleton lies.


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