The Curtain
The Curtain
The Curtain, a mountain where the birds used to live

Size (screens)

Hearts 2
Gold Orbs 1
Boss(es) The Ninja

The Curtain is an area in An Untitled Story. The player must beat it in difficult and masterful, and has the boss The Ninja in it.


It is right above the HighLands, and to the left of IceCastle. The player must beat the boss to access IceCastle, Library, and RainbowDive.


It goes mostly up, and sometimes right, with many enemies on the way. The main problem is that the boss is after all of these enemies, with no save point in between.


The birds used to live up on the mountain, when one day an evil ruler came. The evil ruler led an army of ghosts, and 4 leaders tried to persuade the birds to attack the ghosts and defeat them. One by one, the birds, struck by fear, killed the 4 leaders. The new leaders, motivated by fear, hung a curtain up to try and stop the ruler and his ghosts. The 4 leaders were buried as the last light of the sun was blocked out by the curtain. The sun left, sensing it wasn't wanted, and the birds were exiled to Sky Town, always in fear of leaving.[1]



  • The player must divebomb on a patch of ground with a rectangle drawn beneath it, 2 screens up and 1 screen right of the first save point.
  • 3 screens up and 1 screen right of the first save point, the player must jump on the birds bottom to top, and a heart will appear.

Gold Orb: