The Bottom

Size (screens)

Hearts 1
Ghostly Flowers 1

The Bottom is a desolate location in An Untitled Story.


The bird first enters The Bottom from Farfall. Starting at the save point that can be reached by going through the gatekeeper's entrance, the bird should continue downwards until the player can see two balloons on the bird's left. Using the ceiling slide ability, the bird should jump onto the lower ceiling and double jump to the first balloon onto the ledge towards the left. The player can then use the second balloon to get to the right ledge, then jump to the top left part of the passage. From there, the bird should continue downwards.

The path will eventually lead to a wide open space that the bird can fall through. If the player continues descending straight, the bird should ultimately enter The Bottom.


The Bottom is directly below Farfall.

On the second-to-last screen before the save point, a pink cloud can be seen to the far right. If the player moves the bird so that he crosses over the cloud, the player will enter Cloudrun. Any falls through the open areas of Cloudrun send the player directly to the ground screen of The Bottom, where they will be forced to restart Cloudrun from the last seen save point.


The Bottom spans four screens, placed in a vertical line. On the lowest part of the screen is a save point. A glossy floor lines the bottom; the save point and bird's reflections can be seen off it. The background of this zone is white. The first two screens from the top are completely blank.


  • A heart is seen near the edge of one of the blank screens when the player falls into The Bottom for the first time.
  • During the ghostly flower quest, a flower can be seen to the far right of the save point.