Wearing the egg suit purchased from the suit vendor.

Suits are costumes that change the appearance of the bird. They are purchasable from the suit vendor in Skylands. When a suit is bought, the bird can enter the curtain to the player's right and use it. The player can continue to play the game using the suit they have selected.


Suit Appearance Cost
Egg The costume is identical to the protagonist's appearance at the start of the game. 200
Ogmo A red box-shaped character with uneven rectangular eyes. 500
Ninja Has the same body shape as the hatched bird, but is entirely coloured black with two white slits for the eyes.    1000


  • Ogmo is a cameo appearance from one of Matt Thorson's earlier games, Jumper. Ogmo is also a playable character in Super Meat Boy and in An Untitled Story's mini game, JumpBox.
  • The color of the ninja's eyes change according to your health (like the skin of the normal bird.)