Size (screens)

Hearts 2
Heart doors N/A
Gold Orbs N/A
Boss(es) N/A

Staircase is a location in An Untitled Story. It stands six screens tall, directly above the nest where the protagonist started in NightWalk.


Staircase can only be accessed by traversing through the upper portion of NightWalk. When the player reaches the heart door, they can continue up invisible platforms along the tree trunk, which leads to the area.


Staircase's challenges involve timing spinners while climbing up using star platforms. The platforms will flash, making them briefly invisible simultaneously.

No enemies or hazards are present in Staircase, thus making it impossible to take damage while in the area. The player's main obstacle is having their progress reset when they miss a platform and risk falling down several screens or into the adjacent NightWalk.

At the top, the protagonist will enter an enclosed area with a save point and a ghost girl who becomes visible when approached.


When interacting with the girl for the first time, she will introduce the player to her game. Twenty ghostly flowers are hidden throughout various areas in the entire game, and the player is tasked with collecting and bringing them back to the girl. For every five flowers brought back, the girl grants a prize. Two hearts can be obtained from this game.

Players can return to Staircase at any time to track the number of flowers they have collected so far.