Sky Town
Sky Town Second Save Point

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Sky Town is the location where most of the birds in An Untitled Story reside.


Sky Town is found next to ColdKeep and Farfall and beneath SkySand.


Sky Town holds many collectibles sold by the Shopkeeper, achieved through minigames, or found in various locations in the area. Most of the collectables are not easily accessible to the player when they first discover the area and are gradually collected as they unlock more abilities and discover new areas. This makes Sky Town act as a hub, for at least the earlier parts of the game. In addition, most of the upgrades found in Sky Town are fairly significant and the red cluster upgrade and gold orb bought from the shopkeeper are both required to beat the game.



Birds of different colours can be found around Sky Town. Most, when spoken to, appear to be curious of what lies beyond Sky Town. Some birds also seem bored and wish to leave and most of the time they sleep.