SkySand Second Save Point

Size (screens)

Heart doors 2
Blue Orbs 1
Gold Orbs 1
Boss(es) SkyMummy

SkySand is an area in An Untitled Story. It contains two heart doors, each with a heart upgrade. To reach them, the player must avoid many obstacles.


SkySand is found to the left of NightClimb. You can access it by jumping off of the top of NightClimb. To get to most of it, you will need the freeze ability found in DeepDive.


2 save points and 1 boss. To enter you need to freeze a wall of fire, then destroy the ice with a fireball. To get to the first save point you must enter the room and then fall to a different save point so you can teleport to the first save point. There are 2 statues on each side of SkySand with secrets near them.


SkySand puzzle solution

SkySand treasure chest solution


  • Get from the first save point to the second save point unharmed.
  • Get from the second save point to before SkyMummy unharmed.
  • Get to the room below SkyMummy with the best jump and the yellow energy ability.
  • Get to the top of SkySand, jump off to the left, and look under the statue.
  • Get to the top of SkySand, jump off to the right, and complete the treasure chest at the statue.

Blue OrbsEdit

  • Get to the screen of the first save point, jump off, and teleport to that save point.

Ghostly FlowersEdit

  • Get to the top of SkySand, jump off to the left, and go to the screen of the first save point.

Gold OrbsEdit


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