Size (screens)

Hearts 7
Heart doors 1
Boss(es) N/A

SkyLands is a location in An Untitled Story. It is located over LongBeach and is made up of fifty-nine screens in total. Most of these screens consist of empty space that the protagonist can only fall through, though eight of the screens have some sort of platform that can be landed on.

Accessibility and placementEdit

SkyLands can be accessed by dropping off the far right edge of The Curtain or anywhere above IceCastle. Areas of land can be visited by falling onto them. Visiting the entirety of SkyLands takes several descents to uncover. A portion of SkyLands can also be visited earlier in the game by entering the leftmost warp in the upper caves of NightWalk next to the spiked flying creature.

Yellow squares represent the blue sky background on the map when the player falls into SkyLands. Tan coloured squares represent screens with land on them.



Suit vendorEdit

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If the player descends one square to the right of the save point on disjoint pieces of land, the bird should eventually land on a flat platform with the suit vendor shop and a changing room. The suit vendor offers the player a suit to change the physical appearance of the bird. New suits are suggested once the player buys the suit that was being sold. Using the changing room on the right, players can cycle through the suits they have already purchased.

Crystal ballEdit

At the save point farthest to the right side on the map sits a glowing red crystal ball. When interacted with, the crystal ball will offer to locate an item for the player in exchange for crystals.