Collecting stars in a game of Rainbow Catch.

Rainbow Catch is a mini game found in RainbowDive. The player's goal is to shoot or collect as many stars as possible before time runs out.


As seen on the signpost at the start of RainbowDive.

===Rainbow Catch===

Press this button then catch as many stars as you can before time runs out! Prizes at the bottom! Leave RainbowDive and your score resets!



The beginning of RainbowDive, with the red button to the bird's right.

After jumping on the red button, stars of various colours appear on the screen, and the time begins to count down immediately. As the bird descends, the player can collect stars by moving into their position or shooting at them. They are able to use yellow energy clusters and spinning arrows in some screens to boost the bird upwards and allow for an extra jump in midair. When the timer has reached 0, all stars disappear from the game and the player is prompted to move the bird downwards to collect any prizes they win if they have not reached the bottom already.


Players are scored based on the number of stars they acquire within the time limit. Collecting stars by direct contact grants 10 points; shooting at a star gives 15.


Four prizes encased in yellow spheres are seen at the bottom of RainbowDive and can be opened depending on the number of points the player has obtained during Rainbow Catch. The first two cases with the lowest point values contain gold crystals, one for the lowest point value and three in the second lowest. The last two cases with the highest point values contain hearts.

The minimum score required to receive the prize varies with the game's difficulty.

Prize Minimum points required
Simple Regular Difficult Masterful
1 gold crystal 120 140
3 gold crystals 250 280
Heart #1 350 400
Heart #2 615 635