Size (screens)

Hearts 3
Blue Orbs 2
Ghostly Flowers 3
Boss(es) N/A

NightWalk is the starting location in An Untitled Story. At forty-six accessible screens, it is one of the largest areas in the game. It occupies most of the area between Staircase and Grotto.


NightWalk is the starting location. It also goes to DeepTower, Grotto, Staircase, HighLands, and The Curtain.


Most of NightWalk is reachable at the beginning of the game, however upper NightWalk is not accessible until you have either beaten The Curtain, or have jumped off the top of it.



  • By divebombing the third block on the screen to the right of the first Save Point, the player reveals a heart.
  • On the same screen as the bird statue, lighting both the unlit torches by shooting fire or divebombing will cause a heart to appear.
  • One screen right and one screen up from the first save point, there is a heart.
  • There is a treasure chest three screens to the left of the second save point. The player can open it and receive a heart.

Blue OrbsEdit

  • On the screen one to the right from the first save point is a Jump upgrade.
  • Two screens right of the first save point, the bird can use the Duck ability at the statue to make some blocks appear. The player can go up these blocks to get the hatching ability.

Ghostly FlowersEdit