Mountside screen 4 regular

Size (screens)

Hearts N/A
Heart doors 1
Blue Orbs 1
Gold Orbs N/A
Boss(es) N/A

MountSide is a location in An Untitled Story. It consists of platforming with spinners across wide gaps. Reaching the end of the stage allows the player to receive a Blue Orb with a toughness upgrade behind a heart door if they have full health.


MountSide is accessed by jumping into a warp in a cave in NightWalk on the far right.



MountSide spans six screens wide, all side by side in one horizontal line. There are generally large gaps in between platforms and the player must be able to time jumping on two spinners in succession or making a double jump to a single spinner. In simpler difficulties, invisible platforms may lie over some gaps, usually under spinners.

If the protagonist touches the bottom edge of the screen, he will be netted a certain amount of damage and bounce.


  • Blue Orb - Collected at the final screen of MountSide. It is locked by a heart door, and the player must travel through the area without touching the bottom of the screen. This orb reduces the amount of damage the protagonist takes when he comes into contact with an enemy or hazard.
  • Ghostly flower - A ghostly flower can be seen to the left of the save point.