The Library

Size (screens)

Hearts 1
Ghostly Flowers 1
Boss(es) N/A

The Library is a single-screen location in An Untitled Story. It contains a save point and three rows of bookshelves.


The Library is entered through a hidden passageway that can be accessed by falling off the rightmost edge of the The Curtain. The player should save their midair jump for a jutting out portion of The Curtain that the bird can attach himself to. Once on the ceiling, the player should have the bird walk all the way to the left and fall while still holding the left arrow key. At the start of RainbowDive, the bird will enter a passage in the wall.



  • In the same room as the save point.

Ghostly FlowersEdit

  • In the same room as the save point.


The Library has many books that the player can choose to read or not.

Name Contents
JumpBox Game Manual

Helix Games Inc.

You are square thing in a maze!!

Are you possible get out?!

The goal of JUMPBOX is to use your jumping skills to get the right side of screen.

You can jump again in midair!!

Grab green diamonds for points, or yellow ones for more jumps!

Great luck box thing!!

Design Report on Fluffy XR-9 This document is a proposal for a robotic defense system, the Fluffy XR-9, to help defend in the case of a ghost invasion.


I. Defensive Capabilities

II. Offensive Capabilities

III. Energy Source

I. Defensive Capabilities

The Fluffy XR-9 will be constructed of our strongest steel, and able to withstand intense heat and cold, as well as considerable blunt force.

II. Offensive Capabilities

The Fluffy XR-9 will be equipped with quadruple identical rocket launchers, as well as bottom-mounted machine guns. The machine's AI will also be programmed to attempt to collide with smaller targets.

III. Energy Source

The Fluffy XR-9's quad thrusters will be powered by condensed moisture cartridges, similar to the moisture found in rainclouds. The system will occasionally be required to become inactive momentarily and extract more energy from its cartridge stack, using the extractor located on its underside. To prevent vulnerability at such times, the system will launch missiles targetted below itself.

N/A ...

...and so I don't buy into that old idea of there being one saint up on a pedestal whom we can never equal...


...the energy within us is so powerful. The spirit has so much to teach us if we just learn to look inside ourselves...


...we were all chosen. The chosen one is all of us.



Asteroid are on route to earth!

Are you a bad enough dude to save all of Earth!?

Goal of ASTROCRASH is fend off the falling asteroid by shooting them with your awesome laser power.

If one laser hits more than one asteroids, you gain combo points!!

Scoring combos fills the turbo bar!!

Fill it 100% for extreme invincble action!!

UFO fights back!!! Shoot them for extra lifes.

Great luck Spaceman!!!

N/A Many eons ago, before birds came to be, a single species ruled the entire world. The greatest king of these people ruled from atop this very mountain.

As he was the greatest king the world had ever seen he was buried with all of the planet's gold and treasure.

All the world's valuables gone, the world economy quickly collapsed, and the species was driven to extinction by the ensuing depression.

The king, buried at the foot of the mountain beneath the most beautiful beach on the planet, laid silent forever.

KEEP GOING!! Game Manual


You are the noble running man, whose only goal in life is to KEEP GOING!!

How far can you KEEP GOING!?

Shimmy with left and right, run FAST with ACTION, and jump with JUMP.


N/A For hundreds of generations the birds reigned above all from on top of their mountain. The sun shone perpetually, providing the birds with unlimited energy and curiosity. They never slept, for they had no use for sleep, and they were free to explore and study the amazing natural wonders around them.

However, an evil being, commanding an army of ghosts, threatened to invade the city on the mountain. Four fearless bird leaders attempted to persuade the people that they should strike back and overcome the ghosts in battle.

One by one, these leaders were struck down by their own followers. The new authority, motivated by fear, designed a barrier to protect the mountain from the ghosts and the rest of the outside world. The birds hung a giant curtain around their great mountain city.

The four leaders' remains were buried in the courtyard as the sun was blocked out by the black curtain.

The sun, sensing it was no longer wanted, simply ceased shining on the mountain, and the birds lost all energy, trapped within their own prison.

The birds were pushed away to SkyTown, exiled from the rest of the world. They were now filled with fear of leaving their new home, always in danger of being captured by the ghosts.