Keep Going gameplay

Keep Going is an arcade game that can be purchased and played within Skytown. In the game, the player controls a runner whose only goal in life is to "keep going", as reflected in the mini-game's title.


  • Directional keys - Move in respective direction
  • Action - Increase the speed


The player's runner is positioned on a course marked with several parallel horizontal lines. Blocks will appear from the top of the screen and pass by the runner, increasing in size to display depth. Using the left and right directional keys, the player must move the runner to dodge the incoming blocks. The runner can also jump, causing him to appear to move forward one line, and will hover in the air for a temporary amount of time before resuming the run. Over time, the speed at which the character runs at increases, causing the blocks to go past the runner at a quicker rate. The game ends when the runner hits a block.


  • Blocks - Hazardous objects that appear to come towards the runner. Hitting one ends the game automatically. They can also be jumped over.
  • Trophies - Appear in the game periodically and can be collected for extra points.


The game's score increases by 1 for every one line increment the blocks move forward at. At regular intervals, a trophy will appear on screen. If the runner hits a trophy, 4 points are added to the overall score. For every 50 points the player scores, the game displays the message "Keep Going!" and the number of blocks increases, as well as the man's speed.

Players are required to score at least 300 points in order to receive the game's heart upgrade.


A manual for Keep Going can be found in the Library.

You are the noble running man, whose only goal in life is to KEEP GOING!!

How far can you KEEP GOING!?

Shimmy with left and right, run FAST with ACTION and jump with JUMP.