Stage 10 of JumpBox

JumpBox is an arcade mini game that can be purchased from the landlord in Sky Town. The player's goal is to guide Ogmo to the finish on the right side of the screen.


  • Left/right keys - Move left/right
  • Jump - Jump; double-jump in midair.
  • Pause - Suicide.


JumpBox progresses with single screen stages that require Ogmo to make it through an opening on the right side of the screen. When the red box hits a hazard or falls off the bottom of the screen, a life is lost and the character respawns at the beginning of the stage.


  • Ogmo - The main character of the game.
  • Green diamonds - Award 100 extra points when collected.
  • Yellow diamonds - Allow Ogmo to jump again.
  • Spikes - Instantly kill Ogmo on contact.


The player's score is based on the amount of bonus they have left at the end of a stage. The bonus starts with a value of 500 and decreases constantly until the player has completed the stage, of which the bonus is reset to 500. Green diamonds instantly increase the player's score by 100.


To receive the heart pickup, players must achieve a certain minimum score. This minimum score increases with the game's difficulty, but all difficulties only reflect the Simple score as the top score on the high scores list.

Minimum scores required to receive the heart pickup
Difficulty Score
Simple 7500
Regular 8500
Difficult 9500
Masterful 10500