Heist Mode titlescreen.

Heist Mode is a local multiplayer game that is played independently of An Untitled Story. It is selected by choosing the "Heist Mode" option from the main menu. Players control birds with the goal of bringing four bags of cash to their bank.


Player 1Edit

  • Left and right arrow keys - Move
  • Up arrow key - Jump
  • Down arrow key - Dive-bomb in midair or crouch
  • Right CTRL key - Shoot or handle cash

Player 2Edit

  • A and D keys - Move
  • W key - Jump
  • S key - Dive-bomb in midair or crouch
  • Left CTRL key - Shoot or handle cash


The game is played on a single screen, with both players starting on opposite ends in their bank, designated as a zone that matches the colour of the bird's mask. With an even advantage, both players start with two bags of cash in their bank, while an additional bag is placed somewhere else within the arena. The two players maneuver around the stage to try and collect bags to bring back to their bank.

Players pick up cash bags using the shoot key and can either throw them by only pressing the shoot key or holding down and shoot to drop the cash in the bird's position. While a bird is holding a bag, it cannot use any abilities except for jumping and running. If a bird is hit by a hazard or enemy, it will drop the cash bag it was holding.


Stages can be chosen from Heist Mode's menu with the "Stage Select" option. They are based on locations found within the main An Untitled Story, using the some of the same enemies or premise. Additional stages are unlocked by progressing in the main game.



NightWalk stage

Both players start at the bottom of the screen, with their bank on top of a patch of grass. Between them is an overhead supported by four pillars. Two thwomps are seen, one on the left side, and one on the right. Above the overhead are two blocks of grass, and a platform with a red button above the middle gap created by the two blocks. A bag of cash sits directly below the button.

When players press the button, a column of five fireballs will travel from the right side of the screen to the left, passing through the overhead where the thwomps are located.

Three powerups can be seen on screen at a time. One is found directly over the red button, while the other two appear inside an alcove at the bottom of the grass blocks.



Skytown stage

This stage is bottomless. If a player falls off a platform and off the lowest part of the screen, their bird instantly dies. Several disjointed platforms can be seen above the players, with some of the residences from Skytown in the background. A bright, visible banner is located in the middle of the arena. A blue orb is found behind the banner, while a bag of cash rests on top.

To successfully steal all of one player's cash, players need to throw bags from their opponent's bank in order to make it across the gap.



Farfall stage

There is a grey column with several alcoves on either of its sides. Players start at the bottom of this column; a bag of cash sits at the top of a passage that runs through the top. Several rows of rock blocks spread outwards from the column, with two blue flying creatures at the bottom. Red energy clusters make a vertical line on both left and right edges of the screen. A blue orb is seen at the top two corners.

Players are able to break the rock blocks with the divebomb attack, as used in the main An Untitled Story. Once blocks are broken, they do not reappear into the level within a single game.



ColdKeep stage

Two snow covered valleys with gaps in between them are seen at the bottom of the stage. Both players start on either sides, at the bottom. Some stone platforms are fixed in the air, with blue orbs at the top two corners. The bag of cash is at the topmost platform.

When players obtain a bag of cash, they will be unable to reach the grey platforms unless they have an increased jump height. They can use the snowy platforms to hop over to their bank and deposit the cash bag.



Firecage stage

Both players start at the top side corners of the screen. The room is symmetrically structured, with two conveyor belts, a spiked thwomp and a red energy cluster on one side. A red button can be found on a platform on the centre plane of the screen, above a cash bag and below another red energy cluster. Pools of lava are seen on either side of the cash bag, with blue orbs appearing on a small ledge just above the lava.

Players can divebomb on the red button to start and stop the conveyor belts.



StoneCastle stage

A set of four blocks are arranged to form a column over a piece of spiked ground with a walking stone block. Players start on either side of the bottom of the screen, on platforms just above the level with the stone block. A bag of cash sits at the topmost block.

Powerups can be found in four locations, three of which are near the top of the screen. A fourth powerup can be found in a little indent on the platform above the spiked ground the stone block walks on.



DeepDive stage

Both players are situated at the top corners of the screen, on a ledge. Below them is a pool of water, with several broken up platforms symmetrically matching either player's side. A middle column made up of three smaller platforms holds a red button, and a bag of cash on the bottommost one. Blue orbs are found at the bottom of the arena.

When players divebomb the button, they can change the water's depth, which in turn allows them to adjust the jump height needed to reach certain platforms. All players are given a maximum breath of 100.



Cloudrun stage

The area is mostly coloured pink. Lighter, single-block platforms are dotted against the clouds. Four sinking platforms are seen, three of which are below each player and one next to them. A bag of cash rests on a sinking platform seen at the centre top of the screen. Blue orbs can be obtained at the top corners.

The bottom portion of this area, while solid, causes damage to the player when they land on it. Any cash that is dropped off the bottom will respawn at the last bank it was held in, or at the top of the screen if it is the loose bag of cash.



Skysand stage

Players start near the top of the screen. The loose bag of cash is at the topmost platform, in between two spiked creatures. There are three blue orbs: two on the bottom corners and one in the middle of the arena in between two short platforms.

This stage utilises throwing bags of cash, like Sky Town, in order to bring the bags back to the bank.

The CurtainEdit


The Curtain stage

Dark GrottoEdit


Dark Grotto stage

Interactive objectsEdit

  • Red button - A red button can be found in some stages. When it is dive-bombed on, it activates a certain gimmick. The button has a delay in retracting so that it can be used again.
  • Cash bags - These items must be brought back to the player's bank in order to win. If a cash bag is lost off the bottom of the screen, it respawns in the bank it was originally in. If a player loses the loose cash bag before it can be brought to one side, it respawns in the area it was placed in when the game started.


Powerups appear in the form of Blue Orbs and can give the collecting player an advantage. The blue orbs respawn in the same position after being taken. The powerups are randomised.

  • Hurt enemy - Deals 50 damage to the opposing player.
  • Invincible - Grants the collecting player a short period of invulnerability to enemies and hazards. It does not protect the player from falling off a bottomless pit, however.
  • High jumps - Increase the player's single jump height temporarily.
  • Slow enemy - Decreases the speed of the opposing player.
  • Steal cash - Takes one bag of cash from the opposing player's bank and puts it in the bank of the collecting player.


Both players start with 100 health. When a player loses all of the bird's health, or the bird falls off the bottom of the screen, the bird dies. There is a brief delay before the bird is spawned onto their bank.


The "Other options" menu lets players configure options that affect Heist Mode.

  • Music - Change the background music that plays. The default is the "Multiplayer" theme.
  • Screen - Adjust the screen size (window, fullscreen)
  • Powerups - Toggles the appearance of blue orbs on and off.
  • Advantage - Can be even or weighted towards player 1 or 2. If given to a certain player, the player with the advantage will start with three bags of cash while the other player is only given one.