Heart doors are interactive objects in An Untitled Story.


Heart doors appear as a red bar that can either be oriented horizontally or vertically. A red heart is seen over the bar.


A villager in Sky Town mentions "magic doors" that only open if the bird is in perfect physical condition. The villager takes it to be a rumour.


Heart doors block entrance to a Blue Orb or heart and are preceded by a platforming challenge. To open a heart door, the protagonist must have his maximum health. The door will play a strings sound effect as it dissolves, allowing the player to collect the pickup. The door that was opened will not reappear for the duration of the game after saving.

If the bird takes any damage and attempts to open a heart door, he will be blocked off.


Location Pickup Challenge
StoneCastle Jump height upgrade The player must evade a column of walking stone creatures.
Farfall Increased crystals in pots The bird must fall through a spiked maze with red energy clusters and flying blue creatures.
Heart The player must go through the spike maze again, except use the yellow energy clusters to boost to the heart door on the screen to the far right.
MountSide Toughness upgrade The bird has to travel through several screens using spinners as a boost. Touching bottomless ground causes him to lose health.
StrangeCastle Heart The player must successfully go through the entirety of StrangeCastle dodging crushers among other hazards.