Size (screens)

Hearts 2
Blue Orbs 1
Boss(es) GrottoRed, GrottoEye
  Grotto is comes right after NightWalk, and once the player has hatched it's second part can be accessed.


The first two rooms of Grotto can be accessed almost immediately. The other 3 can be accessed once the player has hatched.

The Grotto connects to NightWalk, Firecage, and DeepDive. It has 1 save point.


There is 1 blue orb that can be gotten as soon as the boss GrottoRed has been defeated. There is 1 heart hidden to the right of the room where GrottoRed is, and 1 heart appears when GrottoEye has been defeated. There is also one Ghostly flower in the same room as the save.


GrottoRed is in the second room, and GrottoEye is in the last one.


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