Gold Orbs are special items found in certain areas of An Untitled Story. They are usually obtainable after defeating a boss.


Golden Orbs are round and yellow with a black outline. They give off a yellow glow.

Gold Orb

Gold Orb


There are ten gold orbs that can be obtained in the game.

Location Events
CloudRun After defeating Fluffy XR-9, the player can continue right and get a gold orb.
SkySand The player races to the top for the "treasure", as quoted by the explorer. The explorer beats the player and is about to take the orb when ghosts carry him off, allowing the player to collect the orb.
Farfall The player must defeat the splitting boss and continue to the right.
Sky Town A golden orb can be purchased from the shopkeeper.
StoneCastle Requires the player to defeat StoneEye and continue to the right.
The Curtain The player must defeat The Ninja and continue to the right.
BlancLand The player needs to defeat Rectangle and continue to the left.
IceCastle The player needs to defeat IceBall and continue to the left.
DeepDive The player must defeat DeepDragon and continue to the right.
Dark Grotto The player must defeat DarkGrottoRed and jump up on the energy.


Orbs required----
Easy 5
Normal 7
Difficult 9
Masterful 10

Once a gold orb is collected, it is recorded in the Status screen. The player can make their way to BlackCastle to deposit their gold orbs at the entrance. For every golden orb the player has recently collected before coming to BlackCastle, it will be displayed and placed into one of the circles. A certain number of golden orbs is required for the barrier to be lifted, allowing full access into BlackCastle. The amount varies on difficulty.