A platform with a ghostly flower underneath it at the start of upper NightWalk.

Ghost flowers are hidden items that can be found in various areas around the game after talking to the ghost at the top of Staircase. The ghost gives gold crystals for five and fifteen flowers found, and hearts for ten and twenty flowers.


Flowers can be collected in any order.


  • The last flower is in the last save point in Blackcastle. Just jump up and to the right from the save point.


  • From the first Blancland save point, go into the water and jump to see the flower, then double jump to get it. Alternatively, drop down from the third Blancland save point.

The BottomEdit

  • From the Bottom save point, go right.


  • From the first Cloudrun save point, go right.

The CurtainEdit

  • From the first Curtain save point, climb the first platform, then jump off to the left.

Dark GrottoEdit

  • From the second Dark Grotto save point, jump up and to the right.


  • From the second Deepdive save point, jump far up and to the far left.


  • From the bottom save point of Farfall, jump up and to the right.


  • From the first Grotto save point, go left.


  • From the first Icecastle save point, go right.


  • Found at the bottom-right corner of the Library.


  • The flower is found in the area underneath the save point. From the top ledge on the screen before the screen with the save point on it, double-jump up and to the left to stick to the ceiling and slide until the flower is reached. All jump upgrades are required to reach the leftmost portion of the ceiling, since the right side is separate from the left.


  • From the first Mountside save point, drop off the left and get the flower, then jump back up.


  • From the second Nightclimb save point, go left and drop down. Jump to the right to get the flower.


  • From the upper Nightwalk save point, drop off and get the flower under the platform.
  • From the first Nightwalk save point, jump up and to the left.
  • Five screens to the left and four screens down from the upper Nightwalk save point. This is the nest from the beginning of the game. Jump up and to the left from the nest.


  • Two screens down from the second Skysand save point. From that save point, go all the way to the top and fall left. Drop down until the screen with the first Skysand save point is reached. The flower is near the wall to the left of the save point.


  • Go right from the first Sky Town save point. The flower is at the bottom of the stairs.


  • From the first Stonecastle save point, go right.