Dark Grotto
Dark Grotto
Dark Grotto

Size (screens)

Hearts 3
Gold Orbs 1
Boss(es) DarkGrottoRed

Dark Grotto is a hidden area in An Untitled Story. While you are in it, everything is black except for small circles of light around you, torches, some hearts, and gold orbs.


Highlands screen 3 regular

Secret passage to Dark Grotto

Dark Grotto can only be accessed by divebombing on a certain patch of ground in the HighLands. After you defeat it's boss, DarkGrottoRed, it can be exited by going through a secret passage to the right of the second save point. It leads into LongBeach.


There are lots of torches you can light, as well as a campfire that if you light you can read some papers written by explorers who died down there. There is also a dead body floating in the water next to the cave that DarkGrottoRed is in.


In Dark Grotto, there was a camp of explorers that died trying to discover gold. They dug into Dark Grotto, but got trapped and the air ran out. Then a giant beast, DarkGrottoRed, found them and started killing them.



  • Next to the top save point. Use the yellow energy.
  • In the same room as the explorers camp, there is a secret passage way to the heart.
  • After defeating DarkGrottoRed, relight the torches and a heart will appear.

Ghostly Flowers:

  • Right next to the second save point.

Gold Orbs: