DarkGrottoRed is the boss of Dark Grotto, and is considered a stronger version of GrottoRed. The room the fight with him takes place in is pitch dark, and four torches must be lit to summon him.

Attack patternsEdit

DarkGrottoRed attacks by jumping across the three platforms in the room in an attempt to land on the player like his predecessor. He then stops and shoots fireballs at the player, which can suddenly change direction. Next he charges up a bigger fireball that must be reflected back with an ice shot to damage him. As he loses health he will chase after the player for longer, shoot fireballs faster and eventually start countering his reflected fireballs (how soon and how much he does this depends on the difficulty). The only strategy here is to get as far away from him as possible (he and the player should be at opposite ends of the room, so the player has enough time to charge another ice shot) and counter his attacks until the fireballs hit him. After four successful hits, DarkGrottoRed is defeated.