Crystals  are collectibles used to purchase items or services throughout An Untitled Story.


The player's total amount of crystals is given in terms of the number of pink crystals they have. Different coloured crystals are worth more than one pink crystal.

Colour Value (pink crystals)
Pink 1
Green 5
Blue 10
Gold 100



Crystals can be obtained in various places within the game.

  • Players can destroy pots, which may grant crystals.
  • Killing enemies may cause them to leave behind a certain amount of crystals.
  • The player can bet crystals with the Blackjack dealer in Skytown with the chance to win back double the amount they bet for.
  • Defeating bosses awards the player with a larger sum of crystals than a pot or enemy may give.
  • Crystals are one of the prizes offered in Bonus.
  • Scoring a certain amount of points in Rainbow Catch allows the player to collect several golden crystals.
  • Solving a chest puzzle gives the player crystals along with a heart.
  • Bringing ghostly flowers back to the ghost in Staircase will award the player with some crystals.

Related abilitiesEdit

  • A Blue Orb in Farfall increases the chance of the player finding crystals in pots.
  • The player can win a Blue Orb in Bonus that causes nearby crystals to become attracted to the bird.