Size (screens)

Hearts 1
Heart doors N/A
Blue Orbs 1
Gold Orbs N/A
Boss(es) N/A

Bonus is a hidden room found within FireCage. It contains a mini game that gives the player an opportunity to receive a heart or Blue Orb.


Hidden passage to Bonus

The bird inside the hidden passage.

Bonus is reached by entering a concealed passage just above and to the left of the first save point. The entrance is hinted with a jutting out rectangular shape against the border surrounding the save point. When the protagonist jumps into the wall at the uneven edge of the border, he should be able to access the hidden passage. Following the path, the bird will be led to a transition room with a green background. A red and yellow passage on the left brings the player to the Bonus room.

When the player leaves Bonus and goes back to the save point, the passage will hide itself once the bird is no longer inside it.


Bonus consists of a single screen that appears to be within a background similar to DeepTower's. Steps to the left allow the bird to access the topmost level, where a game host can be seen with three red boxes with question marks on them to his left. The letters "BONUS" flash below the boxes, alternating between their red and yellow colours. There are also steps leading to the exit where the bird can make his way back to the save point.

Most of this area is set against a red background with yellow outlines, some which extend outwards towards the exit.

Mini gameEdit

When the player first interacts with the game host, he will introduce the bird as the "first contestant" and explain the premise of the game to the player. The game only starts if the player chooses to accept.


After paying the game host forty crystals, three prizes, made visible to the player, are inserted into the three boxes. The boxes then flash to show that they have changed positions, then the player is prompted to pick a box to open. To choose a box, the bird has to divebomb on it. The box is open and revealed, of which the game host announces the player's prize and allows the bird to collect it.


The prizes offered start with a pink crystal, a heart and a Blue Orb. When players win either the heart or the orb, that prize is replaced with a blue crystal. Once the heart and orb are taken, the three prizes will consist of a blue, pink and gold crystal.

The Blue Orb, upon obtaining, allows nearby crystals to become attracted to the bird.