BlancLand 3rd save point normal

Size (screens)

Hearts 2
Gold Orbs 1
Ghostly Flowers 1
Boss(es) Rectangle

BlancLand is a location in An Untitled Story. It has to be cleared in Masterful and Insanity difficulties, but it is optional to visit in order to beat the game in lower difficulties since it only provides one gold orb and a few hearts, and leads to no new areas.

The boss of BlancLand may be skipped using the Ice Shot on a Rectangle, and jumping from it to the Save point screen. Viewing the save near the Gold Orb allows you to teleport straight to it, skipping the boss.


BlancLand is accessed by passing through the spike maze at the lower left corner of DeepDive.



  • In the screen to the left of the second save point, the player must freeze the triangles and jump on them to get to the heart.
  • After the player has beaten Rectangle, he must stick slide across the ceiling to the left, and kill all the triangles he sees. A heart will appear.

Gold OrbsEdit

Ghostly FlowersEdit

  • Next to the first save point, the player must jump into the water, and double jump up out of the water to get the flower. Alternatively, he could fall from the third save point.