Playing a game of Astrocrash.

Astrocrash is the first of the three mini games that can be played within the bird's home. It can be played once the player purchases the unusable machine.


  • Left/right keys - Move left/right
  • Shoot - Fire a bullet


The player controls a ship and destroys falling asteroids for points. As they destroy asteroids, they fill the ship's turbo metre. When the turbo metre is full, the ship goes temporarily into Turbo Mode, which causes it to become invincible and able to fire shots at a rapid rate. After a Turbo Mode has occurred, the number of asteroids on screen increases.


  • Asteroids - The main hazards of the game, asteroids fall from the top of the screen and are destroyed for points. When they land on the ground, they will remain there temporarily and can still harm the ship on contact. Red asteroids fall faster than green ones, and grant more points.
  • UFOs - From time to time, a UFO flies across the screen at the top, shooting a single bullet down regularly. If the player kills the enemy ship, an extra life pickup will descend in its place.
  • Extra life pickup - Appears as a small square after destroying an enemy ship. These pickups replenish one life, and add an extra hit point if the player has retained their default amount.


Scores are based on the number of asteroids the player destroys. The more asteroids that are destroyed with a single shot, the more points the player earns. Additional points are earned if the player is able to hit red asteroids.

Achieving the top score in Astrocrash allows the player to receive a heart upgrade.


A manual for Astrocrash can be found at the Library.

Asteroid are on route to earth!

Are you a bad enough dude to save all of Earth!?

Goal of ASTROCRASH is to fend off the falling asteroid by shooting them with your awesome laser power.

If the laser hits more than one asteroids, you gain combo points!!

Scoring combos fills the turbo bar!! Fill it 100% for extreme invincible action!!

UFO fights back!! Shoot them for extra lifes.

Great luck Spaceman!!