An Untitled Story is a metroidvania freeware video game released on August 26, 2006[1] by Matt Thorson. The story revolves around an egg that has fallen from his nest, and begins to explore the world around him.


There are several different control schemes that can be selected from the options menu.

  • Right and left arrow keys - Move the character
  • Up arrow key - Jump (can be held to increase jump height)
  • X key - Execute an action (varies based on context)
  • Z key - Shoot (when ability is obtained)
  • Spacebar - Pause the game / view options


  • Occasionally when jumping, the bird will get caught on the corner of a block and spin around until the player tries to move away from the block.
  • The scores for JumpBox display the top score on Simple, regardless of the difficulty the player has selected.
  • In BlancLand, you can skip the boss by jumping up to the fourth save point, and then going to a different save point and teleporting to the fourth one.


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